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ShaunParker —  April 15, 2011 — Leave a comment

Many of you subscribers and regular readers will noticed by now that I am really passionate about the work of XXXChurch and that I blog for them on a regular basis ( I’m taking a break from the blogging for XXXChurch until after the honeymoon).

I’ve had many people ask my why I’m so passionate about the work of XXXChurch and let me try and sum it up really Quickly. Continue Reading…

People on the edges!!!

Shaun Parker —  November 9, 2010 — Leave a comment

Having lived in a completely different culture for 10 months now, yesterday I found myself really stressing over some of things people do here. Here in Bogota they have something called “transmilenio” which summed up would be the bus equivalent of the London underground or the New York Subway. I have to say I’m impressed with the system here as it seems to be really organized (compared to the other transport options available) which is a real surprise but there are a few flaws which I’m still not sure if its related to the system or if it’s just the people being inconsiderate. Continue Reading…

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with Jon in many ways, in fact my first experience of Jon was when I volunteered at a playscheme when I was 14! 10 years on I’ve been really blessed to have worked alongside him. Over the years I’ve been involved in playschemes, church groups, large events like Spring Harvest, young carers support groups, and the most recent was an internship with Arun Community Church which was in partnership with The Rank Foundation. Continue Reading…

XXX Church

Shaun Parker —  January 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

So this evening I had dinner with some friends and we got speaking about XXXChurch and I thought it would be great to plug the amazing work they are doing.

XXXChurch was setup by two guys called Craig Gross and J.R Mahon who are from America. The two guys decided to setup a Web based network for people who were struggling with Porn and other stuff that comes along with watching Porn. This site offers huge amount of resources for guys, girls, Pastors, Wife, Husbands and Young people.

They also have something called “X3 Watch”. This is a program which you install on to your computer and will let your accountability partner know of any questionable sites which you may have visited so that your partner may bring you up on it. I actually downloaded this program and i have a few of my buddies who have also added this and it is a great tool to have. Continue Reading…