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Glo Bible Software

ShaunParker —  April 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

This is a bit of software I’ve been waiting for a very long time to get my hands on. In fact it’s been over a year of waiting for the release of the software on Mac. I first heard about the software from an article in a youth work magazine in England and once my good friend Jon Jolly shared the article with me I instantly wanted to get my hands on it. After spending some time looking the their website I was really annoyed when I found out that it was only available on PC and that we had to wait such a long time to get our hands on it but the time is here and us mac and iPad users can now access it. This is more of a heads up and download it blog but in a few weeks I will let you all know how I’m using but below I’ve highlighted a couple things I’ve already fallen in love with.

I find it so difficult to sit down and just read my bible and take it in. Its the same with a lot of books that I read which has really upset many times because I like to read. The thing I love about Glo from the very short time I’ve had my hands on is the media that has been made available which has already helped me take a lot more of the material I’m reading and apply it to my life. Granted I currently only have the lite version (which is free) which means there will be more made available to me once I’ve got the full version but for now if your not sure about it check it out it’s free after all.

This is software is free for the basic version but you do lose a lot and I believe at the moment its only $69 if you brought it online. I’ve just been using the Lite version but if you feel you would like to bite the bullet and go for the premium I don’t think you would be disappointed.

Go a head a check it out for yourself. Glo Bible Software

Let me know what you all think

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