In the name of love…

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In the name of love… |

Over the last few days I’ve been hearing a lot about things Christians are doing in the name of Christ or under the umbrella of “Christians” and as you can imagine most of it has been unbelievable.

This time of the year nearly every Church in the world will be covering the story of Jesus and him dying on the cross for us. For us Christians this story is the foundation of our faith.

I couldn’t think of any greater act of love.

So when I hear stories about Christians who go out and do some unspeakable things in the name of God, where are they getting this from?

Recently heard about some Christians who would burn people who don’t agree with their views and beliefs and then recently I heard about a couple of pastors who burnt the Koran and a Church in America who are telling people they are going to hell. These are just a couple of ideas of the stuff that is going on today and if we look back in history we see a countless amount of dictators and people who believe they are on a message from God to wipe our a whole generation of “unclean people”.


Like I mentioned above Jesus dying on the cross is the most earthshaking thing that could happen. When Jesus died on the cross it means all we have to do is repent and say I messed up and let him into your life.

I know for me when I first became a Christian I was always judging people and thinking things like “oh, he’s a Christian and doing this” or “why’s he getting all the good stuff when I’m the one who’s being a real Christian”. Now it’s very easy to pick up that mentality many people who live by this kinda mentality are normally people who have a me focus rather than a Jesus focus.

This year just like every year I sat down and watched the passion of the Christ and every time I Jesus was being whipped and beaten I just heard Jesus whisper to me “I went through this for you”. Jesus Hanging on the cross is the biggest act of love that I could ever imagine.

So why do so many ‘Christians’ get it wrong and do some stupid things in the name of God? I’m going to start a series which is called in the name of Love. In this series we am to challenge you to do things in the name of Love because it’s then people will really meet God.



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