I want to be weird!!!

Shaun Parker —  December 4, 2011 — 1 Comment
I want to be weird!!! | Shaunparker.me

Over the last few weeks you can’t help but hear about Justin Bieber. Let me start off my saying I am in no way a fan or a hatter of Justin Bieber but for a while i’ve been impressed with him being such a good role model to Christian children and teenagers. His music is very clever. I can truly say I don’t like his music but some how it always manages to get stuck in my head. (Just to keep all my respect with everyone who reads this i can truly say i don’t have any Bieber songs on my iPod)

Like I was saying, you can’t help but hear about Bieber in the news at the moment and all these rumors that he got some girl pregnant. Now I want to make it clear, I am in no way going to say if i think it’s true or not and to be honest i’d rather focus on something which i know will be refreshing for a lot of you younger folk out there but hearing these kind of stories from “Christian Celeb” is becoming more common.

I remember a time when I told certain members of my friends that I wouldn’t have sex until I was married and I remember their response really clearly “that’s weird” and ever since then they’ve called me “Virgin Child” even after 8 months of marriage. I’ve really been thinking about what it means to be a Christian and after a few months of thinking about it, i’ve finally come to a conclusion.

We’re called to be weird

Now, before you all go off and wear some really bad christian t-shirts (not including the XXXChurch in that statement) and decide never to wash, let me explain that statement.

Everywhere we look around us we see our people getting drunk, consuming drugs, sleeping around, getting in debt and divorcing so much so that all those things are becoming the normal. Most of us are entertaining some of those things above or know of someone who is. This is classed normal. So if all those things are classed as normal surely it means that the people who don’t do those are obviously classed as ‘Weird’.

I think we are all called to be weird. I think weird is good. Whenever we look in the bible there are many stories that we could call weird, but it those weird stories that’s changed us. We look at the parting of the seas, a virgin women giving birth to a baby and ultimately Jesus dyeing on the cross. We can look at those stories and think “wow those are some weird and confusing stories” but it’s those stories that’ll change our lives and the lives of other if we allow them to.

So if what we read about Justin Bieber, Britney spears and even our friends is the normal I DON’T WANT IT!!! My dream is to see a generation of young people to grow up weird, that wouldn’t flow the flock and would be a real testimony of what it means to be a christian in todays world.


Shaun Parker


My name's Shaun and i'm and Online youth worker based in Luton, England . This website contains my reflections and ideas around my work with young people and the internet.

One response to I want to be weird!!!

  1. Aienla Lima Longchar June 12, 2012 at 11:54 am

    I’m gonna be a weirdo for Christ too if that is what it takes.

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