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ShaunParker —  April 18, 2011 — 3 Comments
Blog Success!!!! |

Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending a little more time working on my site for many reason but really to keep everyone a little more informed about what I’m up to and some thoughts I’ve been having. I’ve seen huge growth in visits to my site and more focused writing thanks to two people.

The first person who’s really been helping me out is John Saddington from This site really is the go to place when you need any advice with writing your blogs, launching a new site, fine tuning your focus for your site, coding or anything you could think of. This site has helped me highlight some areas of my site which i needed to change and as I write I’m a couple hits away from doubling my current record of monthly hits to my blog and I’ve already doubled my subscriptions via RSS feeds and emails. The reason for this is the advice I got in terms of direction of my posts and being consistent with my posts. Before I stumbled across I would post maybe 3 blogs in a day and nothing else for a week or two. As a result of reading a few blogs from tent blogger I decided to aim for 3-4 blogs a week with them all being on different days. This has really helped with bring more people to the site and it seems easier to create new material.

The other person who’s been a huge help to me in my blog mentor Matt Snider from He’s been very helpful in directing my time. Where there’s been times I thought it would be a good idea to do a redesign or change certain things, he’s really helped to keep me focused on my writing and things thats going to make the most difference right now, which has just been posting regularly. You should head over to his blog as he has some very interesting posts too.

So no matter if your a newbie to blogging or a seasoned professional I recommend you head over to tentblogger and geekforhim and see what cool advice you can collect for your blogs and start creating some great material.

Also Jon Jolly should get a mention as he’s helped me out over the years with my writing and recently with the technical side of running my site.



3 responses to Blog Success!!!!

  1. Ah, thanks so much! it means a lot to me that you’re learning a thing or two from my blog!

    • No, thank you John, I’ve now doubled my monthly hit. I’m going to try and triple it now. I got 10 more days of so left in the month. Thanks

  2. Woohoo! I get a mention alongside @tentblogger! :)

    Seriously though, really glad you’re developing this blog and gaining readers. One thing I gotta point out however: a blog is the whole site or series of posts. A post is one entry on your blog.

    So when you say “I decided to aim for 3-4 blogs a week”, you actually mean 3-4 posts a week. It’s a small thing, but it’s aggravating my OCD! ;)

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