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Over the last couple of months my time has been spent testing different online meeting solutions. We’re looking to launch an online support groups for young people. While the idea of getting young people online to join a group sounds easy it’s actually a lot harder than it sounds.

I’ve done many tests on around 10-15 different options and while there are many out there, it’s been really hard to find a solution that meets 100% of our needs. Continue Reading…


I recently started a degree with OU and one of the modules suggested that I read at his article about how we manage our reputation online. Please feel free to read and leave any suggestions below.

Are you happy with the results people get back when they Google your name? If not, there are easy ways to monitor and guide what information is published about you online. Two years ago we covered how to have a say in what Google says about you, and more recently, and how to track down anyone online. But a rash of social media sites have arisen that give you more tools to help you manage your online reputation and become more findable. Let’s take a look.

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Come back for Myspace?

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Many young people in 2012 won’t know what myspace is but it’s safe to say that if there wasn’t myspace we wouldn’t have Facebook, Google+ etc. Myspace launched in August 2003 and changed the way we use the internet forever.

April 2008 saw Facebook overtake Myspace in the number of unique world wide visitors which quickly resulted in a drop in Myspace’s clout. Recently Myspace has been taken over by Specific Media LLC and pop star Justin Timberlake. Continue Reading…

I found this post this morning and wanted to share it with you all. Thanks have to go Mark Cuban or writing this great blog post.

I hear it all the time from people. “I’m passionate about it.” “I’m not going to quit, It’s my passion”. Or I hear it as advice to students and others “Follow your passion”.

What a bunch of BS.  ”Follow Your Passion” is easily the worst advice you could ever give or get.

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Over the last few days I’ve been hearing a lot about things Christians are doing in the name of Christ or under the umbrella of “Christians” and as you can imagine most of it has been unbelievable.

This time of the year nearly every Church in the world will be covering the story of Jesus and him dying on the cross for us. For us Christians this story is the foundation of our faith.

I couldn’t think of any greater act of love. Continue Reading…

Letter from Shane

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This is the letter the Shane Claiborne wrote for Esquire posted on November 18, 2009

To all my nonbelieving, sort-of-believing, and used-to-be-believing friends: I feel like I should begin with a confession. I am sorry that so often the biggest obstacle to God has been Christians. Christians who have had so much to say with our mouths and so little to show with our lives. I am sorry that so often we have forgotten the Christ of our Christianity.

Forgive us. Forgive us for the embarrassing things we have done in the name of God. Continue Reading…

Blog Success!!!!

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending a little more time working on my site for many reason but really to keep everyone a little more informed about what I’m up to and some thoughts I’ve been having. I’ve seen huge growth in visits to my site and more focused writing thanks to two people.

The first person who’s really been helping me out is John Saddington from This site really is the go to place when you need any advice with writing your blogs, launching a new site, fine tuning your focus for your site, coding or anything you could think of. This site has helped me highlight some areas of my site which i needed to change and as I write I’m a couple hits away from doubling my current record of monthly hits to my blog and I’ve already doubled my subscriptions via RSS feeds and emails. The reason for this is the advice I got in terms of direction of my posts and being consistent with my posts. Before I stumbled across I would post maybe 3 blogs in a day and nothing else for a week or two. As a result of reading a few blogs from tent blogger I decided to aim for 3-4 blogs a week with them all being on different days. This has really helped with bring more people to the site and it seems easier to create new material.

The other person who’s been a huge help to me in my blog mentor Matt Snider from He’s been very helpful in directing my time. Where there’s been times I thought it would be a good idea to do a redesign or change certain things, he’s really helped to keep me focused on my writing and things thats going to make the most difference right now, which has just been posting regularly. You should head over to his blog as he has some very interesting posts too.

So no matter if your a newbie to blogging or a seasoned professional I recommend you head over to tentblogger and geekforhim and see what cool advice you can collect for your blogs and start creating some great material.

Also Jon Jolly should get a mention as he’s helped me out over the years with my writing and recently with the technical side of running my site.


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Many of you subscribers and regular readers will noticed by now that I am really passionate about the work of XXXChurch and that I blog for them on a regular basis ( I’m taking a break from the blogging for XXXChurch until after the honeymoon).

I’ve had many people ask my why I’m so passionate about the work of XXXChurch and let me try and sum it up really Quickly. Continue Reading…

Glo Bible Software

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This is a bit of software I’ve been waiting for a very long time to get my hands on. In fact it’s been over a year of waiting for the release of the software on Mac. I first heard about the software from an article in a youth work magazine in England and once my good friend Jon Jolly shared the article with me I instantly wanted to get my hands on it. After spending some time looking the their website I was really annoyed when I found out that it was only available on PC and that we had to wait such a long time to get our hands on it but the time is here and us mac and iPad users can now access it. This is more of a heads up and download it blog but in a few weeks I will let you all know how I’m using but below I’ve highlighted a couple things I’ve already fallen in love with.

I find it so difficult to sit down and just read my bible and take it in. Its the same with a lot of books that I read which has really upset many times because I like to read. The thing I love about Glo from the very short time I’ve had my hands on is the media that has been made available which has already helped me take a lot more of the material I’m reading and apply it to my life. Granted I currently only have the lite version (which is free) which means there will be more made available to me once I’ve got the full version but for now if your not sure about it check it out it’s free after all.

This is software is free for the basic version but you do lose a lot and I believe at the moment its only $69 if you brought it online. I’ve just been using the Lite version but if you feel you would like to bite the bullet and go for the premium I don’t think you would be disappointed.

Go a head a check it out for yourself. Glo Bible Software

Let me know what you all think

You got a friend in me

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I was speaking to a good friend the other night about what our lives were like before we met each other. This person is someone who honestly has helped me out in ways she never thought she’d be able to. She’s brought in more of her friends whenever we’ve hung out and those friends have now become my friends.

“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty”
Mother Teresa

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